Hole-in-One Club
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2024 Hole-In-One Club

Here is your chance to score big on your hole-in-one.

Make a Hole-in-One and receive

1,000 Points

 If your name is not on the paid members list, hurry and join before your big day hits!

1.    All Members are eligible to join.
    The cost to join is $10.00.
    The hole-in-one must occur at a LMMGC sanctioned event. (Example: Home Tournament. Away Tournament, Two-day Tournament) Note: SCGA Team play is not included in the eligible events.
    The term is for the year 2024 only. Members must join again in 2025.
    Members can join anytime throughout the year. ($10.00 still applies).


Send $10.00 to LMMGC through Venmo. Comment as “Hole in One Club 2024”.

Call or text Rick Burnett for more information: 562-972-7425

Paid Eligible Members

Rick Burnett
Bill Hurtado
James Hamilton
Scott Mariano
Rich Rivera
Steve Oh
Philip Armas
Greg Monteilh
Rodney Cook
Eugene Hernandez
Jorge Gallegos
Vicente Campa
Joseph Werbeck


Bobby Evans
Eddie Imperial
Travis Bixby
Al Cacchione
Art Castellanos
Mark Boswell
Edward Menchu
Richard Barger
Steve Janosz
Tony Dorado
Gilbert Pena
Bob Davis
Travis Curtin

Rick Scialla
Louis Pena
Wes Martin
Kim Brooks
John Dobrea
Sam Aguilar
Tae Max Kim
Kenneth Hamilton
Michael Ortega
Edward Apodaca
Joel Lepe