LMMGC Local Rules
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 Local Rules


1.  The Rules of Golf, as published by the USGA, dictate play except where given precedence as indicated on the course score card.

2.  Interpretations of the USGA Rules, and the local rules, and decisions relative to any dispute which may arise concerning these rules, shall be provided by the Rules and Eligibility Chairman. Requests for decisions should not be referred to, or ruled upon, by any other person or body. Decisions made by the Chairman shall be deemed final.

1.  Hit from the tee markers designated by the Home Tournament Chairman.  

2.  Out of Bounds.
    a. all fences bordering golf course,         
    b. driving range fences.

3.  Penalty Areas (A.K.A. Red/Lateral Hazard or Yellow/Water Hazard). Lake on the 10th fairway is considered a Lateral Hazard. Take relief according to USGA Rule 17.1d.

4.  Obstructions. Drop ball at the nearest point of relief (swing and stance) plus one (1) club length and not nearer the hole. No penalty.
    a.  Staked trees,
    b.  protective screens at the 16th tee,
    c.  drain ditches,
    d.  paved cart paths,
    e.  sprinkler dock boxes,
    f.   sprinkler heads,
    g.  pump fence on 10th fairway.

5.  Ground Under Repair (GUR).
    a.  all flower beds on the course,
    b.  the turf nursery left of the 14th fairway,
    c.  areas marked off with ropes or white paint/powder,
    d.  bare
lies (A.K.A. dirt, hard-pan, etc.). Must be in the fairway (whether marked as GUR or not) and the players in the group agree that is is a bare lie and in the fairway. If there is no concensus, play it as it lies.
NOTE: the area between the snack bar and the maintenance yard behind the 14th green is not ground under repair. The ball is in play.

6.  Play one (1) ball except as permitted by USGA Rules.

7.  Yardage Devices
    a.  Range finders or other distance measuring devices that measure or gauge distance May Be Used in any LMMGC Golfing events.
    b.  Devices that measure wind, slope, etc. are never allowed even if these functions are turned off. USGA RULE 14-3 /0.5

Note: Clarification on the question of relief from bushes left of hole numbers 11, 12 and 16. If a player cannot find his or her ball, it is cinsidered a lost ball or out of bounds and the player must re-play from the previous spot. If the ball is found in the bushes and is deemed unplayable, the player may take relief under USGA Rule 19.2. That means the player is entitled to two (2) club lengths from where the ball came to rest with a one (1) stroke penalty. If the ball is still in the bushes after
two (2) club lengths, the player may take an additional two (2) club lengths from the point of the first relief with an additional one (1) stroke penalty.

Club rules from decision effective 1/21/2020:
No Show policy:  You have until the Friday before the home tournament (Sunday) to let the Home Tournament Director (HTD) know that you won't be able to show up and play.  If you don't let HTD know by Friday night, you are forfeiting your $28 prize fund money to the pot and you will owe a green fee ($40) to the course.  If you do let the HTD know by Friday that you can't make it the $28 will be pushed ONE TIME to next month's tournament.  

Rain Policy:  You need to call the course in the morning to find out if the course is open or not.  If it is open, then we are playing and if you do not show up the no show policy comes into effect.  Also, if the first group tees off and starts play, then the tournament is on regardless if rain starts at a later time. 

Club rules from decision effective 6/28/2021: Updated to extend end date effective 5/18/2022:
Temporary COVID rake rule:
  If a players ball comes to rest in a bunker that has no rake due to COVID-19 restrictions, or the ball is in a footprint in a bunker that was not raked (some people are still reluctant to touch the rake for fear of COVID) properly, the player may lift the ball, smooth out the lie and replace the ball at the original location. The player does not get a club length and the player does not to take the ball outside of the bunker. If the ball is plugged, the player must play it as it lies. This rule is in effect for home and away tournaments until the end of 2022.

Club rules from decision effective 1/1/2022:
Failure to post:  If a player fails to
post tournament rounds, the Board has decided to assess pentalties for those players not posting in accordance with USGA rule 7.1. The USGA rule (and the Boards expectation) is that players post on the same day as the round, before midnight (local time) to complete the posting process. In addition to a penalty score, any player not posting by the due date will be disqualified from the tournament and any prizes won will be forfeited. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO POST YOUR SCORES ON THE DAY OF PLAY!

See USGA The Rules of Golf, Rule 33-8 and Appendix I for additional information of Local Rules.