Admin Featuressupport has phone and email tech support. If you have a question or are unsure of how to do something, we will get back to you ASAP to resolve your problem. We can also show you step-by-step by live remote on your own computer how to resolve your problem.

In addition to email and phone support, we have detailed interactive tutorials that cover each and every section of the site.

These tutorials show up on most administration pages (just click on the "click here for help tutorial" button- shown at right) and a window will pop-up showing you a step-by-step tutorial showing you how to manage that particular section. If you just take one hour and watch all our tutorials (they also are organized all together on the main help page), you will know how to run your member web site. Additionally, we have a FAQ section which club administrators are encouraged to contribute to for issues or questions they might be having.

Also, spread throughout the site are various help tip boxes (see image) that will pop up when you roll-over text, links, list boxes and various other parts of the administration site.

However, after you get to know the product and how easy it is to use, you will be able to run your club site without any help at all, tech support or otherwise. That's what the product was designed to do, let clubs completely administer their own site without any knowledge of Internet technology, coding or how to upload or download files from the Internet.

If you still have any questions about support, just ask or other club administrators about the help we provide. They will tell you we are always here to help.
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