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The sections are as follows:

Home- Your club's home page where your club can display—and design—any information they want to show (i.e., links to latest tournament scores, player profiles, tournament updates, etc.).

News- Members can view the President's, Tournament Director's, or any other club officer’s message.  This is also the section where directors (or even players themselves with a special login) can create, edit and maintain special custom messages (i.e., USGA Rule of the Week, Special Player Profiles, golfer of the month, etc.).

Tournaments- Players can access all tournament information (i.e., results, tee times, year schedule, etc.) including detailed statistics per tournament and personalized scorecards.

Players- All players have their own individual player page. They control their own information and whether it is seen or not seen by other members (i.e., phone, email, player photo, business information, etc.).  Also included in this section is a player's season long statistics including average score, total birdies, average par 3, par 4, par 5 scores, statistical standing in the club, and much more detail shown in graphics and text.

Players can also list their complete business information including occupation, web site links, business cards, etc. into a searchable database.

Stats- Season long Statistics (average scores, birdies, putts, etc.) are automatically generated as tournaments are entered by the club administrators.  There is also a section for keeping historic club records.

Officers- Shows officers and/or the directors of your club with their contact information and photos.

Photos- Players see a thumbnail screen shot of photos, categorized by events (i.e., tournaments, banquets, etc.)  which they can click to see the full scale image.  They can also watch a full event's photos as a slide show if they so choose.

Contact Us- Players can look up basic club contact information (phone, email, etc.).  This is also where new members can sign-up and pay for their membership online.

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Credit Card Processing! provides a complete credit card service for it's member. The minute the club signs up for, players can use their credit cards. It's that simple. It's up to each individual club whether they want to allow this option or not.


  • lets players pay for tournaments with a credit card online.  They also have the option to pick their own tee-times. 
  • clubs can set various credit card options in charging for tournaments including late fees, early bird discounts, surcharges, discounts for certain type of players (seniors, juniors, etc.). 
  • lets players renew their memberships online with all the same capabilities as described above (discounts, surcharges, etc.). 
  • lets clubs sell products like tee shirts, club banquets, etc., that players can pay for online.
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