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Tournament Player Pages and Stats Packages! automatically gives their members a PGA tour-like experience with detailed, sortable statistics and performance comparison data where players can go head-to-head against other club players. Some of the highlights include:

LAGOLFCLUBS uses complete 18 hole scores to generate detailed player statistics.

LAGOLFCLUBS has complete color-coded individual player scorecards (birdies, pars, bogies, etc.) including performance statistics against the field (including a player photo) just like the PGA TOUR web site.

LAGOLFCLUBS has detailed comparative statistics where players can check out their golf game over time with comprehensive graphs and visual aids. This includes both gross and net match play scorecards against other club players.

LAGOLFCLUBS has sortable statistics for all players and tournament results.

LAGOLFCLUBS has cumulative statistics for all players in the club as the season progresses. Statistics that are completely sortable.

LAGOLFCLUBS has detailed hole-by-hole skins for ALL PLAYERS showing color-coded pushes and wins. Skin winners are calculated when club administrators simply enter player 18-hole scores. LAGOLFCLUBS does the rest—providing the winners, amounts and creating the player pages with detailed hole-by-hole scorecards for the WHOLE FIELD.

LAGOLFCLUBS has match play format with complete match play visual brackets.  Players can click on a player and go to their contact page, roll-over their name to see a picture of their next opponent, or click on their match play scorecard to see a hole-by-hole score on how the match played out (just like the PGA TOUR web site).

There is so much more that LAGOLFCLUBS does for your member players in regard to tournament results that can't be shown on this page due to space restrictions.

We suggest 2 things:
1) Take a look at real tournament results and what they can do. Here are 2 links, one from one of our best clubs Rancho Park and one from the results of the Pasadnea City Golf Championship which we have done now for over 7 years.

Click here to see Rancho Park Tournament Results

Click here to see Pasadena City Golf Championships Results

Click on players's names to see color coded scorecards and click on SKINS in the Scoreboard (tournament wrap-up) section to see EVERY PLAYER, EVERY HOLE, EVERY SCORE and PUSHES and WINNERS color-coded.

2) Watch a short but very descriptive tutorial that covers EVERYTHING you get with the LAGOLFCLUBS package with tournament and results that is on our presentation page (flash required).

Click Here to watch our tournament and stats tutorial now!

Enable AUDIO and there is voice over
Credit Card Processing! provides a complete credit card service for it's member. The minute the club signs up for, players can use their credit cards. It's that simple. It's up to each individual club whether they want to allow this option or not.


  • lets players pay for tournaments with a credit card online.  They also have the option to pick their own tee-times. 
  • clubs can set various credit card options in charging for tournaments including late fees, early bird discounts, surcharges, discounts for certain type of players (seniors, juniors, etc.). 
  • lets players renew their memberships online with all the same capabilities as described above (discounts, surcharges, etc.). 
  • lets clubs sell products like tee shirts, club banquets, etc., that players can pay for online.
Check out our Presentation Page to really see what LAGOLFCLUBS can do for your club!

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