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With LAGOLFCLUBS.com you can control the look, colors, links and all other attributes of the web site anyway you wish. This gives your web site a distinct and unique look that matches your club's individual personality.

You can change the main background color, add a background image, change the main menu bar color, and set the color of your menu text items and determine if they change colors when you roll-over them.

You can also determine your main text color, your link colors, whether your links are underlined or not and whether they can change colors when you roll-over them.

You can even set if your site is aligned left, center or right in the browser window or even add a personal touch like upload holiday club logo's during special times of the year (i.e., Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.).

You control the way your web site looks and feels to your members.

Click here to learn more about which web site attributes you can change in your LAGOLFCLUBS.com member web site.
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