Admin Featurestournament package
The tournament package provides to club directors and administrators the ability to:
  • Create tee times and instantly update them online.  This includes multiple online player views based on preference, adding tee time notes, automatically creating printable pages that either admin or players can take to the course and highlighting teams on tee time pages.
  • Create tournaments that automatically appear online and are instantly put in the proper category (future tournament if the tournament date is upcoming, past tournament if the date has passed).
  • Create tournaments with complete information listed such as number of players, cost, and special formatted text information.
  • Create tournaments with different formats: stroke play, team play and match play formats (both single and team).
  • Allow players to sign up for tournaments online, with the optional ability to pick their tee times online or pay for tournaments using their credit card. These actions can be chosen or not chosen based on the club’s discretion. Also clubs have the ability to create almost an unlimited number of price points for tournaments (e.g., late fees, early bird discounts, processing fees per player, per transaction, special rates for players like seniors, etc.).
  • Create automatic leveled-off flights (number of players) based on the number of players and respective handicaps who sign-up for a particular tournament.
  • Send the club a blast email including automatic emails with generated links for both tee times and tournament results (the correct link automatically appears in the email which the players can click on and go directly to that information).
  • Generate correct posting sheets of player’s scores.
  • Edit, update and add information to a player paid page.
  • Players can be marked as paid or not paid and how they pay (credit card, cash, check, etc.) with associated notes. There is also a printable paid page that admin can take to the course.
  • Automatically generate tournament sheets that go along with running a tournament like tee times based on player last name only for course starters, side game sheets for the tournament day and player sign up sheets for upcoming tournaments.
  • Create side games (low gross, low net, skins, etc.) and have the results instantly calculated for them.
  • Print scorecards> that are single, team or team time based. These scorecards show complete course information (slope, rating, tees, hole-by-hole, etc.) with handicap holes marked with a dot based on the player course index for that tournament.
  • Create labels with name, course handicap, flight and tee time which can easily be added to existing scorecards at the course.
  • Manage multi-day tournaments (i.e., club championships, etc.). You only have to enter player names one time, make cuts in any flight and automatically generate final multi-day results.
Basically, this dynamic tournament package give directors the ability to set-up their tournament before the tournament day, create all the sheets and forms they need to run their tournament on game day and then post the results to the player site in PGA Tour style detailed form (stats, etc.).

Additionally, if the tournament director has a connection to the Internet at the club site (the wireless world is coming fast) then they can completely finish and post the tournament results to the club site before the players who played the tournament that day even get home.

Whether its setting up a tournament, running it on tournament day or posting results, it will take tournament directors a fraction of the time it formerly took to operate their tournaments.
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