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LAGOLFCLUBS Clubs administer their own golf web site without any knowledge of Internet technology, coding or how to upload or download files from the Internet. If they can navigate the Internet, club directors can manage the member web site. It's that simple.

LAGOLFCLUBS lets club administrators:
  • Update the member home page, design it anyway they wish (i.e., using tables, headers, styles, etc.); format the text (colors, links, etc.); add images; and add both standard and custom links to this page and order those links anyway they want.
  • Create both standard and custom news sections. As with the home page, news text can be formatted in many different ways including adding colors, links, borders or whatever the club directors decide. Additionally, approved players can update their own news section themselves with a special login ID.
  • Provide instant Credit Card processing for both tournaments and membership.  Clubs get a complete detailed credit card report (both a summary and detail report--transaction by transaction) without ever having to sign up for PayPal® or other 3rd party credit card providers like Bank of America®.  The actual processing is done by Verisign®, one of the leaders in this field, and no credit card numbers are stored on LAGOLFCLUBS servers to further protect club member’s privacy. (Additionally, clubs can offer create products online like banquets or club shirts and have players pay for them online).
  • Blast email your member roster instantly to keep them updated on club news. As with the home page and news section text, club directors can format email text anyway they want. Additionally, directors can send special emails with automatically generated links to such things as tee times, tournament results and newsletter updates.
  • The ability to control the look, colors, links and all other attributes of the web site.  This gives your web site a distinctive and personal look that matches your own club. Click here to learn more about what web site attributes you can change in your member web site.
  • In the player section, you can add, delete or update any club player's profile information. You can also create as many unique player types as your club needs (i.e., club player, guests, seniors, juniors, board members, etc.). This comes into play if your club gives discounts (or surcharges) to these special player types. Additionally, you can export all player information to an excel spreadsheet, print player address labels (for club mailings) while the program keeps track of all your distinctive player types (i.e., number of total players, number of active players, number of seniors, juniors, club guests, etc.).
  • Easily control the other player sections look and content like Officers, Photos and Contact Us information. To access more information on what these pages can do for your members, click here.
To learn more in detail about our tournament package or the membership features LAGOLFCLUBS has to offer, please click on those links in this section, Administration Features
Credit Card Processing! provides a complete credit card service for it's administrators. The minute the club signs up for, instantly players can use their credit cards. It's that simple. It's up to each individual club whether they want to allow this option or not.

  • lets administrators set the player limit which when reached, the ONLINE SIGN-UP LINK AUTOMATICALLY comes down.
  • clubs lets administrators set various credit card options in charging for tournaments including late fees, early bird discounts, surcharges, discounts for certain type of players (seniors, juniors, etc.). 
  • lets administrators set memberships where players can renew their memberships online with all the same capabilities as described above (discounts, surcharges, etc.).
  • lets administrators set NEW MEMBERSHIPS? where players can join the club and be automatically set as PAID for the CLUB and added to their GHIN roster.
  • lets club administrators sell extra's to their tournament players like skins packages, shirts, banquets, or anything else they like to add to a tournament cost.
  • provides club administrators with a accounting package that gives both a summary account (transaction, total, etc.) and a detail account (player, surcharge, discount, etc.) of every tournament or membership transaction.