Admin Featuresmembership features

The membership section lets club directors and administrators:

  • Have players sign-up and pay for their memberships online. They are instantly updated in a membership player paid page with their playing status instantly re-activated for that year's events (if they do not renew, they will not have the ability to sign-up for tournaments, etc.). LAGOLFCLUBS does the membership accounting for you.
  • Have the ability to create an unlimited number of different memberships with different prices (i.e., Different Memberships, automatically set different prices, i.e., Board Members, Club Player, Associate Membership, Junior, Senior, etc.).
  • Have the ability to create almost an unlimited number of price points for memberships (e.g., add fees for late sign-ups, early bird discounts, processing fees per player, per transaction, special rates for players like seniors, surcharges, discounts, etc.).
  • Have a new player sign up online, be entered in a club database and follow through and pay for a membership with a credit card online. No more paperwork.
  • Send a blast email to only non-renewed players reminding them to renew their club memberships.
  • Accounting packages that detailed summary of CLUB MEMBERSHIPS and detailed transaction by transaction CLUB MEMBERSHIPS (i.e., what player, price points, when paid, invoice number, etc.).
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