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Note: If you are trying to renew your membership for 2019, and either did not receive the instructions via e-mail or don't have them handy, here is what you do:

Click on "Players" above. Then select your own name. Your profile should appear and you will see a link in blue that says "Renew Now: 2019 LCFCC Men's Golf Association (MGA) Membership." Click on that link and you should be able to pay and renew by credit card. 

Your other option is to send a check payable to "LCFCC MGA" to the following address:

PO Box 713
La Canada, CA 91012


The 2018 MGA tournament schedule can now be viewed by clicking on the "Tournaments" link at the top of this page. The entire schedule of 2018 tournaments is also downloadable by clicking on the link on the left side of the Tournaments page that says "Download Club Tournament/Event Schedule."

Your MGA Board of Directors has created this website to be used by our current LCFCC MGA Members. Please update your individual profile under the "Players" section on this home page.

It is especially important that you include an e-mail address and phone number so that we can reach you with information. Please review your profile and update e-mail and/or phone numbers for 2018.

Your GHIN number is your temporary password for this website until you choose to change it. If you have forgotten your password, go to the "Contact Us" link at the top of this home page and either call or e-mail me and I will retrieve your password for you. 

This website is completely separate from the main LCFCC club website so you'll still receive emails and updates directly from the club as always. The purpose of this MGA website is to increase participation and knowledge of all MGA activities. We are still in the process of adding information but eventually everything MGA related will be available on this website! Please bookmark this website (www.lcfccmga.com) and check it frequently...

Our goal for 2018 and beyond is to reinvigorate the MGA, hold a wide variety of successful and fun tournaments, and to build camaraderie and friendships through our mutual love of the game of golf. We will be using this site to communicate with our members more frequently, to inform you of MGA tournaments and events, and to update you with tournament results, etc. 

Finally, please take a moment to read new MGA President Christopher Smith's message which details the benefits of belonging to the MGA. The link to his message is on the left side of this home page.

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