Welcome to The Legends!
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Welcome to The Legends Ladies Golf Club! 

I have the privilege of serving as President for this great club.  We have a great group of ladies that have a love for golf, like to have a good time and enjoy making new friendships.
We play golf on Tuesday mornings and have a variety of handicap levels and ages within our club. 

We welcome new members who have an established index of 40.4 or less.  If you have not established a handicap please contact me and I will work with you. 

We have a challenging but fun course; we support and encourage efforts by our members to better their golfing skills and knowledge of the game.

We offer three levels of membership to further encourage ladies to be involved. If you are interested in playing with us there are membership applications in our golf shop, or you can contact our membership chair or me with any questions.



Debbie Wadsworth                                               Emily Yavanian

President TLLGC                                                Membership Chair

(951)216-9299                                                      (951)-303-0903

Debwads1121@hotmail.com                            eyavanian@yahoo.com