FWG General Meeting Minutes 2020
Last Updated: 05/29/20

Fallbrook Women Golfers

General Meeting

February 6, 2020


The general meeting was called to order by president Sandi Simpson at 1:30 pm.

President’s Report

Sandi asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the general meeting dated January 9, 2020 with one correction (the addition of language to include the gift of a red, white and blue patriotic cart seat cover presented to outgoing President Denise McNeese).  The motion to approve the minutes as corrected was made by MaryAnn Grubaugh and seconded by Denise McNeese.  Motion carried.   

FWG is scheduled for an 8:30 am shot gun start Thursday mornings.  Please be at your designated hole and ready to play at 8:30 a.m. 

VP/Membership Report – Dolly Harty

FWG has developed a new member welcome package to include a clip board, pace of play tips, rules, common golf language and definitions, and a sampled popped card.  The new member package will help a new member become acquainted with FWG rules and general golf terms, along with how to properly pop their scorecard.

We will be soon gaining two new full-time members: Deborah Lehman and Kate McKenna and Lola Fleck has upgraded her membership to full versus Associate.  Welcome!!!

Members belonging to multiple golf clubs can log on to the SCGA website and request a refund.   If you have paid more than $55 to SCGA you are eligible to apply for a rebate for multiple clubs. 

“Bring a Friend Day” is scheduled for February 20, 2020.  February 6, 2020 is the last day to submit non-members that require prior submittal for gaining base access.   There are currently 30 signed up to participate.  Lunch will be on a first come, first serve basis after golf.   A 50/50 drawing opportunity will be offered to all participants.   Immediately following golf there will be a FootJoy trunk show.  Shoe purchases will drop shipped to Pro shop, you will pay when you pick up, and no tax will be applied. Guests will be on a base access list and can gain access through the Vandergrift gate (visitors may drive their own car just make sure to be in the right hand lane and have your drivers license ready).  

SDCWGA is having a field day event at Mt. Woodson Golf Club on February 17, 2020.  (Entries have already closed for this event.)  The next scheduled event will be held at Carlton Oaks on Monday, March 16, 2020.  If you are interested in participating entries must be received by February 21, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. Format will be a four person step aside.  SDCWGA will be holding a field day event at Marine Memorial on June 15, 2020.

Treasurer Report – Gail Hume

FWG currently has 54 paid members.  Income from memberships, after paying the handicap dues is $2,712.   From the $2,712 in income, there are expenses (website, tax filing, SMWGA fees, roster booklets, amounting to $664, leaving $2,048 in budget to be allocated).  The Board has agreed to allocate the $2,048 as follows:

Sweeps Payouts $1330

Presidents Cup/Club Championship  Payouts $ 400

Special Events (R&B, Halloween, Xmas) $ 470

Charitable Donation $ 250

Misc (Trophy, Sunshine, Admin Misc.) $ 330

Total $2780

FWG’s expenses for 2020 exceed the club’s income by $732, however FWG carried over $2,500 in funds from the prior year.  A portion on the $2,500 will be used to cover the additional expenses for 2020.  In past years the club was required to keep a $2,000 balance as a cushion.  The Board voted at the January 30th Board meeting to reduce the cushion to $1,500.

Motion to approve the FWG 2020 budget as stated was made by Brenda Batali and seconded by Dolly Harty.  Motion carried.

Handicap/Ringer – JoLyn Racey

Due to the implementation of the new handicap system and the new red/green combo tees, the FWG Board made the decision to cap the index at 40.4 (maximum handicap of 45) for participation in weekly sweeps, tournaments and ringer.  (Since this decision was made post January 1, 2020 this new rule will apply to the 2nd ringer for the year.)

Weekly Sweeps – Nicole Weiler

FWG was extended an invitation to play at San Juan Hills (SJH).  The suggested dates are hosting SJH on April 30th at MM and FWG go to SJH on July 30, 2020.  More to come once the dates are set for our Home2Home with SJH. 

Cards from the February 6th partner eclectic will be placed in the club locker and will be used again for the second week scheduled for February 13, 2020.  Participants will add the best score of the two person format using both weeks to determine gross and subtract pops to determine net. 

Major Tournaments – Nicole Weiler

The “Club Championship” format has been changed to encourage more of our members to compete. There will be only two rounds (versus three rounds in past years).  The first week of the Club Championship is scheduled for March 12, 2020 and the second week  for April 9, 2020. Sign-up for the Club Championship will take place two weeks before the first day of play.  The tournament will be individual stroke play and the 2020 Club Champion will be Low Gross as in past years.   We will also have a Senior Club Champion and a Net Winner for the tournament.  

Rules – Denise McNeese

Everyone is still trying to digest the new rules.  If you have any rule related questions please contact Denise.  

Denise explained the rule regarding “Nearest Point of Relief” if your ball is resting on a cart path.  Information can be found in “Golf Rules – Quick Reference” and states as follows:

To take relief, determine the nearest point where the ball is not within the abnormal course conditions and where you can take your stance and swing without interference from the abnormal condition.  Then drop the ball within 1 club-length (no nearer the hole) without penalty.

It is possible that the nearest point of relief will be in a bush, in the rough or on a slope.  It may then be advisable to play the ball as it lies.

If the ball is within a no play zone or the zone interferes with the player’s stance or a swing, she must always take free relief and she is not permitted to play the ball as it lies. 

Secretary – Shirley Barnes

No Report.

Policies and Procedures – Susan Williams

A new outline guide for mentors and an updated orientation packet for new members was reviewed and revised to include golf tips, commonly used terms, pace of play, sample scorecard and local rules.  Anyone interested in serving as a mentor should contact Susan Williams.

Trophy – Mickie St Pierre

Tricia Fryar was our newest member to break 90 for the first time and was presented a pin to acknowledge her accomplishment.  Congratulations to Tricia!

Recognition in the form of a pin, will be presented to any member that breaks a score of 100, 90 or 80 for the first time. 

If during the course of the year you have a milestone break in your score, i.e.,  100, 90 or 80, please notify Mickie St. Pierre of your breakthrough. 

Santa Margarita – Linda Commons/JoLyn Racey/ Denise McNeese

The next SMWGA Field Day is scheduled for next week, February 10th, 2020 at St. Marks in San Marcos.  Golf Club of California is next on the list of field days, scheduled for March 23, 2020.  The “Winners Circle” will be held in Menifee on April 27, 2020 for those qualifying to participate.  Participation fees will be $73.00 for the Winners Circle.  

Uniforms for FWG SMWGA team members are expected sometime around February 15th.

There will be a team meeting scheduled for March (date to be determined).  A newsletter will also be forthcoming and distributed to all registered team members.

Sunshine – Kris Sobon

Four Birthdays in the month of February:

Michele Riddle

Nancy Croswell

Denise McNeese

Shelly Krogh 

New Business

Nicole Weiler thanked all those that purchased and donated Girl Scout Cookies for the troops in 29 Palms.  Cookies will be sent to the 5th Marine Regiment Headquarters Company currently coordinating the training of 5000 Marines from all parts of the country.  The goal is to send 160 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies and handmade Valentine’s Day cards to the Marines that have been working diligently on this project.  Thank you also went out to Peggy Brazil for helping to supply the cookies for purchase through her granddaughter, Addie. 

(Note:  FWG rose to the request and donated 100 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies!  Thank you FWG!!!)  

“Run for the Roses” member guest invitational will be held on April 23, 2020.  FWG is planning for a field of 100 players this year.  The flyer and signups will be coming out later this month. We expect fees for the event will run $95.00.  Please work on getting your team together now.  This will be a four-person team event.  We have a great team helping to ensure this event is awesome.   Leads for the event will be Dolly Harty (tee box sponsorships), Mickie St. Pierre (tee box signs and money hat display/contest), Dee Dee Kovacevich/Anne Allen (opportunity drawings) Susan Williams and Denise McNeese (coordinating round of golf donations), Gail Hume/Sandi Simpson (tee prizes), Dolly Harty and Nancy (event food), Kris Sobon (Decorations).  Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Sandi Simpson.  Please consider soliciting donations from businesses you might frequent, for example, beauty salons, theaters, baseball tickets or concert tickets.  You may have contacts that have a timeshare, boat, airplane or something similar and may be willing to offer a ride or stay as an opportunity drawing or a silent auction item.   FWG would like to meet or exceed last year donations of close to $4,000!

There’s a donation letter that can be used and tailored to your request as necessary.  Letters were sent to all FWG members.  All donations need to be received by April 1, 2020 in order to prepare for the event. 

There is also a request for a volunteer/s to make bows for the baskets.  Marilyn Novak volunteered.  Thank you Marilyn!!!

Dolly Harty is currently working with Frank on the menu for the event, which will include breakfast and lunch and a drink ticket!

50/50 drawing was held with $85.00 collected.  The winners are: Tricia Fryar, JoLyn Racey and Dolly Harty.  Congratulation ladies!

 Meeting adjourned at 2:28 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Shirley Barnes

FWG Secretary


Fallbrook Women Golfers

General Meeting

March 5, 2020

The general board meeting was called to order by president Sandi Simpson at 1:40 pm.

President’s Report

Sandi asked for approval of the general meeting minutes of February 6, 2020.  Motion to approve the minutes was made by Mickie St. Pierre and seconded by Denise McNeese. Motion carried.

VP/Membership Report – Dolly Harty

Dolly welcomed and introduced our new member Donna Moore.  This brings our total paid memberships to 55.

Treasurer Report – Sandi Simpson

Gail was not present so Sandi Simpson reported we have $5,973.46 on hand and $270.50 in the Hole-In-One club.

Weekly Sweeps – Nicole Weiler

FWG will be trying a different format for Ace on the month.  For the month of March we will pair everyone based on their handicap.  This was done in an effort to stimulate competition and help eliminate any potential intimidation.  Hopefully, making this a little more fun for participants.  We’ll obtain feedback from members to determine if we make this a more permanent change. 

Green punching will take place on March 16 and 17.  MM has offered FWG a reduced rate during the weeks of April 16 – 27.   Walkers will be $12.00 and golf with cart will run $27.00 for this time period.

Please let Nicole Weiler know if you are a walker, by placing a comment in the notes section when signing up for the weekly game. 

The game for April 19th (due to green punching) will be a five club and two putt max.

SJH Home2Home date is scheduled for April 30, 2020.  SJH will be coming to MM.  Lunch that day will include a taco bar.  We do need volunteers to bring desserts on the 30th.   Kris Sobon was asked to collect the fees for the SJH/FWG Home2Home.

FWG will be going to SJH on July 2, 2020.  There will also be a game scheduled at MM that day so you have a choice where you’d like to play.

Major Tournaments – Nicole Weiler

We currently have 11 members signed up to participate in the Club Championship.  There has been some confusion about having a NET winner.  There will be a net winner and payouts based on number of participants.   There will also be a senior flight for 70+.  Please notify Nicole if you qualify for this flight.  Each participant must play both days. (March 12 and April 9)  If you don’t want to play in the Club Championship or can’t play both days, you can choose to follow the field.

Closest to the Pin – Mary Ann Grubaugh

We will be rotating the “Closest to the Pin” holes each month.  March will be hole #8, April will be hole #14 and May will be hole #17.  

Jennifer DeJong was recognized as winner of the “Closest to the Pin” for March 5, 2020.

Handicap – JoLyn Racey

FWG will present a sleeve of balls to the most improved player each month.  Barbara Muskat was recognized as the most improved golfer for the month of January and Gail Hume was recognized as the most improved for the month of February.  

JoLyn reminded everyone to please keep a legible and accurate score card and post immediately after playing your round of golf.  Also remember to adjust your score when necessary.   JoLyn will be reaching out to you by email if you are not posting correctly or timely.

Hole-In-One Club – Sandi Simpson

There is a $5.00 one time fee to enter the Hole-in-One Club, until someone wins the pot.  Winning is capped at $150.00 and the current pot is at $270.00.  Good luck to all our FWG golfers.

Social – R4TR – Sandi Simpson

Our member/guest invitation (Run for the Roses) is scheduled for April 23, 2020.  Signup is now  at capacity.  If you are a single and wish to play, you can sign up for the waiting list by contacting Sandi Simpson.

We currently have $950.00 in paid sponsorships and a total of $2,250 committed. 

We’ll be setting up an assemble line at Dolly’s home on April 18th.  The group will be putting together the snack boxes, tickets for opportunity drawings for each participant, etc. for R4TR. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Sandi Simpson.   

If you are making a contribution to the opportunity drawings, please bring your items in March so we can properly gather, catalogue and prepare the items.  DeeDee and Anne need everything in their possession no later than April 2nd.  If you have any questions on donations for baskets, please contact DeeDee Kovacevich or Anne Allen!

As in past years, there will be a Hat Contest, so wear your best most creative hats.  There will also be a hat board with money behind each hat.  If your ticket is drawn you’ll have an opportunity to choose a hat from the board and receive the money associated with that particular hat. 

Susan Williams and Denise McNeese are collecting golf rounds from various local clubs.  These rounds of golf with be used as opportunity drawings for R4TR.

There will be a silent auction this year.  Several members have graciously agreed to donate a wine dinner and a garden lunch and tour.   These items will be handled separately outside of the opportunity drawing items.  The monies raised from the Silent Auction items will go to a designated charity.  The Board is collecting information now on specific charities and will make the decision during the FWG Board meeting on March 19th which charity the funds will go towards.  

Marylyn Novak has graciously agreed to make all the bows for the gift baskets.  Thank you – Marylyn!

Kris Sobon will check to see what decorations we have on hand for R4TR.   We already have a menu planned for R4TR, however it does not include desserts.  We will need volunteers to bring desserts that day.  If you can bring a dessert please contact Kris Sobon. 

Rules – Denise McNeese

Denise included a quiz in the recent “Tee Topics”.    


In match play, Alyaa’s approach shot comes to rest on an elevated putting green.  After arriving at the putting green, Alyaa plays a ball she believes is hers in to the hole. Upon reaching the hole, she finds the original ball in the hole along with the one she just played.  What is the ruling? 

  1. Alyaa must replay the hole without penalty.
  2. Alyaa has played a wrong ball and must correct the error prior to teeing off on the next hole.
  3. Alyaa loses the hole for putting out with the wrong ball.
  4. Play of the hole was complete when the original ball was holed.  Alyaa incurs no penalty.

The correct answer is “D”.  Alyaa incurs no penalty.  (Remember this was for match play.) 

Rule books are available for the purchase price of $5.00.  Please see Denise is you’d like to purchase a book.

Denise will be including a rule question in the monthly “Tee Topics,” so be sure to read it.

Policies and Procedures – Susan Williams

No report.

Trophy – Mickie St Pierre

Mickie St Pierre presented Michelle O’Sullivan with a recognition pin for breaking a score of 100.  Congratulations to Michelle!

Santa Margarita – Linda Commons/JoLyn Racey/ Denise McNeese

The next SMWGA Field Day is scheduled for March 16, 2020 at Temecula Creek Inn.  The “Winners Circle” will be held at Menifee Lakes Country Club on April 27, 2020 for those qualifying to participate.  Participation fees will be $73.00. 

FWG will be holding a field day here at MM on May 18, 2020.

The first day of match play is scheduled for June 29, 2020 at GCC.  To qualify for team play you must have completed 6 play days plus 1 field day.  June 8th is the drop dead date to qualify. 

Team shirts are in and can be picked up in the pro shop next week.  The shirt fee is $40.00 per shirt. 

Dolly reported she’d spoke to the FootJoy representative and learned you can design your own golf shoes by accessing the FootJoy website.   You simply pick one of their shoe styles that qualify for design and choose your design.   If you bring your design to Jake in the pro shop, he can order it for you, saving 10% as an added plus there is no sales tax. 

SDCWGA – Dolly Harty

The next field day being sponsored by the SDCWGA is the County Classic Oaks North 27 Hole partner event.  This event will be played on Monday, April 20, 2020.  Registration opens on March 9 and closes on March 20th.  Anyone over 18 with a current GHIN handicap qualifies to play in the SDCWGA field days.  Fees are $130.00 for the team ($65.00 per person). 

“Soboba Girls Get Away” is scheduled for June 9th and 10th at the Soboba Hotel and Casino.  Room rate for overnight stay on the 9th is $85.00 per night and golf rate for the 10th is $50.00 per person.   If you intend on staying at the hotel, please make your reservation before May 22, 2020.  Rooms are on a first come first serve basis and only 15 rooms have been set aside for this event.  The Soboba event is a combination of our club (FWG) and Castle Creek.  If you’re interested in participating please contact: Cookie Johnson at mnc4glf@cox.net or 858-688-6009.


Web/Tee Topics – Elaine Pedigo

No report.


Sunshine – Kris Sobon

Four Birthdays in the month of March:

  1. Shirley Barnes
  2. Jennifer DeJong
  3. Jill Dingman
  4. Louise Greenlee

Happy Birthday to all!!

New Business

The 50/50 drawing was held and the winners are Marylyn Novak and Jennifer DeJong.

Meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Shirley Barnes

FWG Secretary


No General Meeting was held in April or May 2020 due to MM Closure