2019 Tournament Highlights
Last Updated: 01/07/20
 2019 Tournament Highlights

2019 Review  
Player of the Year Falco Cup Champ
Cameron Mathison Cameron Mathison
Senior Champion Senior Net Champion
Bob Harrison Roger Smith
Club Champion Club Net Champion
Cameron Mathison Eric Strand
Women's Champion Women's Net Champion
Patti Brugman Lindy Mayhew
Player of Year - Top Five MOST KP's
Mathison, Cameron (620) Huff, Charlie (6)
Huff, Charlie (550) Chavez, Matt (5)
Fennessy, Bill (500) Chavez, Se (4)
Sweetland, Tim (490) Mennes, Matt (3)
Harkess, Sean (475)  
Best Scores
Lowest Gross Score (individual) Cameron Mathison (70)
Lowest Net Score (individual) Sean Harkess (65)
Lowest Gross Score (partners) Bill Fennessy& John Kibet (66)
Lowest Net Score (partners) Tim Corbett & Tim Sweetland (61)

The Last Tournament of the Year

34 Players - 26 Winners! Dec. 7, 2019 A small green rectangle to divide sections of the document


 Jeff Patrick had his best tournament round of the year (maybe his life), shooting a two over par 74. Jeff made 2 birdies (#9 & &11) coupled with just 4 bogeys. His 74 was the low round of the day and first place in the A flight.

Cameron Mathison made a late run to try and catch Jeff but ran out of holes.He birdied #17 by sinking his shot from the bunker and went on to also birdie #18. His 75 wasn’t good enough to take the gross honors but was good enough to take low net honors in the A flight. His net 70 tied him with Bob Harrison. It took a couple of steps but the card-off went in Cameron’s favor. 

Tim Sweetland started his day with a birdie and then continued to play well enough to take the B Flight  with a solid 85.

Mike Mennes and Dave Rimbach finished just a stroke back at 86. 

Three players tied with the low net score of 72 in the B Flight. Dave Rimbach,Larry Mayhew and Anthony  Carruthers each posted a 7 on one of the final 3 holes but in the end Rimbach was declared the winner and Mayhew the runner-up.

New member, Avi Goldstein, played in just his second AGC tournament and took low gross honors in the C Flight with a 95. He also pocketed a $20 KP with a fine shot on #17.
John Brugman Sr. had a rough start to his back nine (triple, double, triple,triple) but played very well on the last five holes and finished second, just one stroke back. Tobin Tellers was another stroke back with a 97.

Roger Smith and Greg Shaw both finished with net 70s. They both finished with matching 35s on the back nine. Both players finished their rounds in the rain. Roger proved to be the better “mudder” and   finished with a better final 3 holes. 
Five C flighters began the front or back nine with a rather devlish start 6-6-6.

Cameron Mathison had a memorable year of golf at the AGC. BUt with all of his achievements he had failed to secure a Closest to the pin award (aka KP).  He reconciled that missing point by leaving a 192 yard shot a few feet from the hole on his first KP opportunity of the day (hole#6).

Heading into the last tournament of the year Charlie Huff had the lead in 2019 KPs with 6. Matt Chavez was just two behind and promptly added to his total with a fine shot on #8. That was as close as anyone got as new members Danny Robledo and Avi Goldstein took the final two. 


Congratulations to Cameron Mathison who is the first player in the AGC history to win all three of the club’s biggest awards. In 2019 he won the Falco Cup, the Club Championship, and the Player of the Year Championship. 

Club Members ended the day by giving a standing
ovation to cafe staff member Nordelia. Nordelia had just
returned from a medical leave of absence. Members
appreciate her friendly and efficient service and toasted
her good health.

A Flight Gross Net
1st-$65 Jeff Patrick(74) Cameron Mathison (70)
2nd-$50 Charlie Huff (78) Bob Harrison (70)
3rd-$35 Mark Scoon (80) John Short (73)
4th - $25 John Kibet (81) Se Chavez (75)
B Flight Gross Net
1st-$65 Tim Sweetland (85) Dave Rimbach (72)
2nd-$50 Mike Mennes (86) Larry Mayhew (72)
3rd-$35 Danny Robledo (87) Anthony Carruthers (72)
4th - $25 Tim Corbett (89) Matt Chavez (76)
C Flight Gross Net
1st-$65 Avi Goldstein (95) Roger Smith (70)
2nd-$50 John Brugman (96) Greg Shaw (70)
3rd-$35 Tobin Tellers (97) Eric Collins (73)
4th - $25 Patti Brugman (98) Lindy Mayhew (77)
5th - $20 Eric Strand (100) Lee Auerbach (77)
Other Players:
Bill Fennessy (75); Harry Daniels (78); Daniel Dingle (78); Michael Babcock (79): Terry McKieran (79) John Brugman (81); Jim Craven (84); Jamie Campbell (87).
KPs - $20    
#6 Cameron Mathison  
#8 Matt Chavez  
#15 Danny Robledo  
#17 A I Goldstein  


The Blind Draw

November 17, 2019

Kibet & Craven go low; Fennessy & Ferry hang on for net. 

So the teams were formed with a blind draw on Thursday night.  Blind is a good word for it as the process for the draw involves three random draws eliminating any possibility of an advantage for any player. This year members decided to change the format so that each partner had a larger impact on the finishing scores. Instead of the usual Better Ball format the Scrambles format was utilized. 

Six of the fourteen teams posted a one under par 35 for nine holes. But only one team posted it twice. John Kibet and Jim Craven claimed that feat and won the low gross competition with a two under par 70. They birdied the first hole and most importantly played the par threes in one under par. Although they were tied after nine with two other teams they won by 3 strokes over Jeff Patrick and Tim Sweetland. Patrick and Sweetland were two over on the front nine but made 4 threes on the back to finish just one over par. 

The Net side of the competition was closer than close. Bill Fennessy and new member, Joe Ferry, finished with a 65.5 and took first by a half stroke. Their birdie on the 18th hole made the difference. John Short & Lindy Mayhew played a solid round but their bogey on #18 left them a half stroke behind the leaders. Mike Mennes and Roger Smith made a gallant effort and finished just two strokes behind the leaders with a 67.5 and third place. 

Other Notes

           *The lowest score for a hole was 2. Short & Mayhew made theirs on #6 while Kibet & Craven made theirs on #15. 

*The highest score on a hole was a 7. Made on the par 5 4th hole. For this team it came on the heels of a double bogey 6 on the third hole. 

* The Most Consistent Team Award goes to Charlie Huff & Jamie Campbell. They made 9 straight fours on the back nine (two for birdies; two for bogeys) and an even par 36. They actually made a four on the 9th hole so they had 10 straight.  
* A fun day of golf was had by all. The highest nine hole score was 41 & lowest was 35.

  Gross Net
1st - $65 Each Jim Craven (23) & John Kibet (0) - 70 Bill Fennessy (7) & Joseph Ferry (19) - 65.5
2nd - $50 each Jeffrey Patrick (9) & Tim Sweetland (17) - 73 John Short (8) & Lindy Mayhew (27) - 66
3rd - $45 each Giovanni Oliva (5) & ,Shannon Anderson (26) - 75 Michael Mennes (13) & Roger Smith (26) 67.5
4th - $35 each Charlie Huff (7) & Jamie Campbell (18) - 75 Anthony Carruthers (14) & Patti Brugman (21) - 68
5th - $25 each   David Rimbach (14) & Sean Harkess (21) - 68
6th - $20 each   Matt Chavez (13) & Ron Paivanas (19) 68.5
$20 each  
#6 John Short (8) & Lindy Mayhew (27)
#8 Michael Mennes (13) & Roger Smith (26)