Temecula Creek Inn Women's Golf Club
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Welcome to Temecula Creek Inn Women's Golf Club Website

     Our club members enjoy golf, the outdoors and socializing with fun and interesting women.  We have approximately 65 active members ranging in age from 38 to mid-80's.  Our handicaps range from 6 to 40+.  Our backgrounds are diverse -- coming from all parts of the country and from many different life and career paths.

We play Thursday mornings and, generally, have lunch afterward which enables all of us to get to know one another better and enjoy each others' company.  The Cork Fire Kitchen features a luncheon special for the women after golf.  We are affiliated with three women's golf associations-Santa Margarita, San Diego County and Publinks Women's Golf Associations, which gives us opportunities to try out different golf courses and meet more women through team play and monthly tournaments.  If you would like to come play and meet us, contact Donna Kirkwold, our Membership Chair and let her know. Her email is tom.donnak@verizon.net. If you would like to join, you can fill out and submit an on-line application which you can fill out by clicking the tab on the left hand side of the website. Our website is the centerpiece of our Club communications -- news, tournament sign ups, tournament results, links to handicaps and USGA, pictures, member information, and Club business information. Email is our preferred method of communication. 

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