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2013 Elkins Ranch Away Tournament
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Water Hole

Sign in Table - Thank you Larry for a great tournament!

Jim Cruse, Bob Lenzie and Dick Hughes

Rick Palmer and Larry Hunt - Hole No. 1

Jim Cruse with his new clubs!

Kurt Massie - nice form!

Ron O'Meara not the golf pro O'Meara!

Linda Stamer and David Lewis - Start your engines!

Jim Cruse, Dick Overton and Leonard Bourget

Richard Wagner and Mike Cervenak

Ray Ramirez and Bob Kersey

I'm ready!

Brian Clendenin

Barry Forman

Bill Newhaus and Lou Pippo

Dean Marlo

Nice Shot!

Larry Hunt Group

Dick Hughes group - nice greens!

Looks good!

Clarence and Linda Yim

And good day to you!

Food Line!

Tri-tip - so good!!!!!!!!

I'm hungry!

Snack food??

Great fun, great golf and good food makes for a enjoyable outing!

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