Unmarked Ground Under Repair
Last Updated: 08/22/15
Because there are many places on the Rancho Park Golf Course that should be marked as “Ground Under Repair”, but are not, the Rancho Park Senior Golf Club has established a temporary, local rule....... for dealing with relief from these areas.  This rule is temporary and will be in effect only as long as these conditions exist and applies through the green only (the whole area of the course except - the teeing ground and putting green of the hole being played; and all hazards on the course. )


  If you are in an area you believe should be marked as “Ground Under Repair” but isn’t, you may take relief as if the area were marked. Please note that being in an old divot does not constitute "Ground Under Repair".  All in your group must agree that the area should be marked. Then, you must find the NEAREST point that is not nearer the hole at which you can find relief. 


The “nearest” point implies that there is only one.  It might be behind a tree.  It almost certainly won’t be out in the middle of the fairway.  Once you have determined that point, place a tee at that point.  Then place another tee no more than one club length from that point and no nearer the hole.  You may lift your ball from the unmarked area and drop it between the two tees.  If the ball comes to rest within two club lengths of that spot and no nearer the hole, it is in play.  If not, you redrop.  If it happens again, you may place the ball at the point at which you were attempting to drop the ball.”


 Please note that you must follow this process.  We are not authorizing “Winter Rules” or “Lift, Clean and Place”.  The ball must be dropped at the point of relief.  You may not nudge it with your club.  You may not place it unless it twice rolls closer to the hole or more than two club lengths from where it hit the ground.


Remember that you are simply taking relief from an unmarked “Ground Under Repair”.  So, you must post your round as normal.