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LAFD Golf Club Members, There are a few changes that will begin as of January 1, 2020. There will be announcements regarding the World Handicap System forthcoming. 
Your New Board of Directors :

President - Noel Murchet
Vice President - Gary Mannan
Secretary - Gordon Wilson
Treasurer - Joe Zabalza
Tournament Chairman - Mark Zizi
North Directors - Todd Tsujimura
                             Eric Dillon
                             Jeff Simon
South Directors - Mike Monroy
                             Will Nevins
                             Ryan Chance
All director contact information is on the website.
Here is a listing of the "Major" tournaments scheduled for this year.

Feb 25,26        So Cal @ Palm Desert Golf Classicta
Mar 2              Maltese Cup LA City vs LA County at Alta Visa CC 
April 27,28      So Cal @ Las Vegas May 4-7         
????               Memorial Club Championship in Mission Hills (to be rescheduled)
June 25          2020 Seniors Championship @ Rio Hondo
Aug 3-5           So Cal @ Lake Tahoe
Aug 11            Klasse Invitational Shamble @ Talega GC
Sept 14-17      Partners Championship @ Singing Hills
Sept 23           LAFRA Invitational @ MountainGate  
Oct 5              Craig Alder Tournament @ Temecula Creek 
Nov 30-Dec 1 Pebble Beach So Cal Firefighters Golf Assn.

Presidents Blog updated on 12/15/19

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