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MOUNTAIN GATE Results are in! fdsfsdf

Go to the tournament section or click here

Please, all players check the results and if there are no disputes, checks will go out.

First choice of payment is PayPal if you have an account, 2nd choice will be a check.

First part of results is a SCOREBOARD WRAP-UP and below that is the sortable results per player, per hole.

Check out the Field average on hole 9 of South!  See below to get more out of the sortable  results 

Any Questions,  please email
IMPORTANT NOTE:  The first part in RESULTS is a scoreboard wrap-up.   Make sure you click on the skins links where you can see every player, every hole score, color-coded PUSHES (gray) and WINS (red).

Below that is player by player sort-able results where you can sort the scores by any criteria, gross, net, handicap, etc..  Also, if you click on ANY PLAYER's NAME, a drop-down 18 hole scorecard will appear showing all 18 holes scores, flight and field hole-by-hole averages (everyone had trouble with number 8 and number 10, check it out).

You can also click on things like HEAD-TO-HEAD where you can go head-to-head with a fellow player and see match play scorecards, both gross and net, if you had a friendly wager going.  Check that out also!

And if you are not presently in a LAGOLFCLUBS CLUB, let your club know as we can help them. 

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