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2024 Founders’ Cup 
1st Round June 3rd Encino 
Partners better ball match play single elimination tournament 
Each player will use 80% of his course handicap rounded up or down
(e.g. 10 handicap = 8 strokes, 21 handicap = 17 strokes). We play off of the lowest handicap: e.g., Players A is a 5, B is a 10, C is a 20 and D is a 25; A = 0 B=5, C=15 & D= 20) 
The first round will be played on Encino, men from the white tees, women from the yellow tees. All subsequent matches may be played on any golf course. However, if all players cannot agree to a course, the default course is Encino from the white/yellow tees.
 All matches must be played to a conclusion (extra holes, if necessary, see starter) 
All matches must be played in a timely manner and the outcomes reported to Steve Skinner 818-585-6853 ( 
If there is a question about a rule infraction, please contact Steve Skinner. 
To signup please contact Steve Skinner.

Your Founding Fathers

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